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CTC National and International Apostolic Ministry


Apostle Russell has a strong conviction in the spreading of the Word of God throughout the Bahama Islands. His desire is to evangelize to every Island and Cay where there is human habitant proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His heart in enriched when souls are lost to Satan's kingdom to the Kingdom of God. Over the years, he has been a voice to the Nation, like John, preparing the way of the Lord. He walks in great Spiritual Authority which has commanded the atmosphere to change over the lives of the people of God. His enablement through the Holy Spirit has led many that were in bondage, free. Those that were sick with diseases like, cancer, sickle cells, just to name a few, they became healed through the Power of God. Life were breathed back into bodies that were unresponsive, and many other challenging sicknesses that Doctors could not handle, but of course, Apostle Russell works for the GREAT DOCTOR, and that Is JESUS. This Apostolic Anointing on his life was given to the people for their deliverance in the islands of: Andros, Abaco, Freeport, Eleuthera, San Salvador, Long Island, just to name a few; and in some cases, those Islands were graced by his presence more than once, whether it was to preach in the local Churches or under a massive Crusade tent, hosted By Apostle Russell and his team. His International Apostolic Ministry has touched the lives of the people in: Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Fort Pierce FL, Belle Glades FL, Bradenton FL, Sarasota FL, Tampa FL, Memphis Tenn., Chicago IL, Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, and Los Angeles CA. He is also the host for The Christian Tabernacle Church International Apostolic Prophetic Conference (I.A.P.C) which started in June 2009 and still active to date. Apostle Russell’s Preaching and Teaching has also taken him as far east as Cape Town, South Africa and Durban South Africa, where he has ministered the Word of the Lord in several Churches throughout those cites, some Churches numbering at 10,000 people seating, and many of their lives were changed and souls came to know Christ.

Belle Glades FL                    Few Travelling Team        Cape Town South Africa       Durban South Africa








Apostle Russell loves the Lord with all his heart, a Man of Faith, a Man of Prayer, a Worshipper, a Man always yearning for more of God. His desire to see the Power of God manifested in the lives of God’s people, has devoted his time in much Prayer and Fasting. When he ascends the pulpit, a Man of great wisdom, Revelation and knowledge, one can tell that he has been spending time with the Lord, Jesus.  Apostle Russell walks in great Power and Authority and every devil and demon knows this about him. Here are the ministries that the Lord has made him overseer.


  • The Bi-Annual International Apostolic Prophetic Conference and Prophetic Release started in July 2009. Our first Event, was held then at the Hilton Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, FL.


  • Apostle Russell is the Prelate of a group of Churches in the Bahamas called the B.A.I.C “Bahamas Alliance of Independent Church”. This fellowship started in 2015


  • Apostle Russell also is the Host of an Apostolic Move called “The Gathering” which is held at the School of Prophetic Ministries, Freeport G. B, The Bahamas.  Senior Pastor there is Prophet Frank and Minister Pricilla Hagan. This move was started in November 2015 and has since been moved to January of each year.




The I.A.P.C is a Bi-Annual event hosted by Apostle Christopher and Pastor Anna Russell of The Christian Tabernacle Church from the beautiful City of Nassau Bahamas. This Apostolic Conference is about impacting and bringing about hope and changes in the lives of God’s people, especially in this season where this is so many adversities and challenges that are facing many families, that are looking for answers and hope. Well, for this reason, the Lord has spoken to Apostle Russell to host such an event in the United States. So far, it has been held in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale and Miami)

This Conference started after the Lord has spoken to Apostle Russell in 2009 due to his passion for lost and hurting souls, to start hosting a bi-annual Apostolic Conference, to impart into God’s people what God has imparted into him.  He has been commissioned by the Holy Spirit some 5 to 6 years ago to pray for Revival all around the world, so our prayer is that the International Conference will spark such a hunger for the things of God in the life of God’s people.




We expect to see, as the power of God moves, the Apostolic gifting in action, the blind seeing again, the cripple walking, the deaf hearing. We expect to see various sicknesses and diseases healed and dried up in people’s bodies, cancer and AIDS dissolved under the mighty power of God. The book of Isaiah explains of our healing, so the expectation is high because God cannot lie, He will do exactly what He says He will do. We expect Physical and Spiritual Manifestation. God will show up and show off His Glory and Power. There has been manifested evidence of God’s healing power, prophetic utterance with physical manifestation. Apostle Russell along with the other Apostles and Prophets, these Men walk in great accuracy in the gifts of God. All God wants is a people that would believe what His word says, trust what He says. “Thy Faith has made you whole” and the word of the Lord says also, “the Just shall live by Faith” and the word of God also says that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is the key for to a physical Manifestation.



CTC Outreach Ministry Program

God loves people, He feel their pain and wants to minister to them. “I have seen the misery of my people….I have come down to rescue them.” (Exodus 3:7-8). He desires to use His Church to reach out to those in need. In our community, we realize that there are unfortunate families, and here at The Christian Tabernacle Church, we have tried to meet a lot of their needs. Because Apostle Russell has a heart for people, his evangelistic methods has reached out to thousands of people over the years in the Churches, the Community and throughout the “Family Islands”, sowing into the lives of various families. Some of our Outreach, In-Reach programs include:


  • Our Kids Education: which is very important to Apostle Christopher and Pastor Anna Russell; as they desires for them to have a bright future, pushing them to be whatever is in their hearts to become in life. With that being said, to further assist in the development of our youths, he has implemented ‘”The Christian Tabernacle Church After School Program” where there were certified School Teachers, who have devoted their time in tutoring and mentoring our kids in challenging subjects to better prepare them for the world.

  • As an encouragement to our Students, every year, for the past decade, Apostle and Pastor Anna Russell gives out monetary incentives to all our Students who have made a 3.0 and above G.P.A in Term Semesters. And the children of CTC do very well in their academics, so every year, the list gets longer, it has been a great encouragement to the kids to continue to push and excel.

  • To ensure that our kids are well represented and nourished, The CTC have supplied many families, locals and in some family Islands, with various Food and Clothing items: shoes and tennis alike for School, Church and whatever other purpose.

  • The Church in time past have been a Haven to many until they were able to stand properly on their feet, sort to speak. And eventually, they all did, some becoming home and business owners and having places that they can now call their own.


There are many more events and other Outreach Services that are not recorded here. We here at CTC are a family, and family looks out for each other.


Apostle Russell is a humble and a compassionate leader. His delight is in the development and the success of his people, wanting them to have the best that God has to offer.

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